About Us


Innkeepers Warren and Joy Sheppard have long shared a love of old architecture, including Antebellum and Victorian homes. For many years they enjoyed visiting a variety of small Southern towns where they liked shopping in the local antique shops. While in these small towns, they would also enjoy driving around and looking at historic old area homes, admiring their grace, beauty, and timeless elegance.

On many of these long weekend drives, they would find themselves in Newberry, SC. It was a town where they found a connection….a connection to the friendly people and to the incredible old homes that the town is known for. The dream began to form that one day they would like to buy one of these grand old homes and open a Bed and Breakfast.

Finally, after raising their children in Lexington, SC, it was time to make the dream come true.

They began searching for the perfect Newberry home to buy and turn into a B&B. After a thorough search, they found and purchased the home that is today known as the Newberry Manor.

Why Newberry Manor?

Many people have asked them “Why?” they would ever want to run a B&B, but their answer is always the same. They love meeting and spending time getting to know new people who also share their appreciation for historic old homes. They want their visitors to be able to rest and relax in a comfortable setting that hearkens back to a simpler time and place. Joy also takes great pleasure in cooking and baking and providing their guests with a breakfast and snacks that they will thoroughly enjoy.

And so, the dream continues. Both Warren and Joy feel like they have finally come “Home”, which is especially interesting considering that Warren’s ancestors first settled in Newberry in 1767. They look forward to welcoming all their guests and making each one feel like they too have “Come Home”, when visiting the Newberry Manor.

A Venue For All Occasions

Whether you are visiting Newberry College, in town on business, or visiting the Newberry Opera House, the Newberry Manor is only minutes from all Newberry locations. Yet, when you walk up the grand front porch, you will feel like you have entered another world. A world where your comfort and and relaxation is of utmost importance. A world where Innkeepers Warren and Joy will truly welcome you “Home.”

The Newberry Manor is also an excellent venue for weddings, receptions, photography shoots, business meetings, and parties. If you are looking for a place to stay during the Masters Golf Tournament, or simply want to get out of Charlotte or Columbia for a long weekend, the Newberry Manor is close by. Come experience true Southern Hospitality!

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